We are holding a Jazz Jam session!
Host member will explain how you participate in Jazz jam session, implicit rules, progress, how you want to prepare in your house for next session and etc… If you are frequent player, don’t worry you have slot to play a couple of songs together! Please join us!

We can explain a bit theoretical questions if you may have, such as how chord is constructed, scale, improvisation basics, and etc…

Bring your gears and join us to get a bit of understanding of Jazz jam session.

1. General Info.

The following is example of frequently played tunes:

– Fly me to the moon (Key of C)
– Now the time (Jazz Blues in F)
– Autumn Leaves (Key of Gm)
– All of me (Key of C)
– Oleo (Key of B♭)
– Chicken (If we have time)
– Blue Bossa (Key of Cm)
– Take the “A” train (Key of C)
– Days of Wine and Roses (Key of F)
– My Romance (Key of Bb)
– All the Things You Are (Key of Ab)
– Isn’t She Lovely (Key of F)
– How Insensitive (Key of Dm)
– On Green Dolphin Street (Key of Eb)
– Nardis (Key of Em)

Please pick some songs and practice melody ( and chord if you are guitar or piano player)
If you need score, let me know so that I can share it with you.

You can bring tunes that you have been practicing but please bing 4 copies of score for other players.

2. Studio Cost Share

We are expecting all participants to share the cost of studio rental. We have no intention to make profit out of money collection.

It is expected to cost you AED 40 – 50 but it is subject to the number of participants. I may include audiences as headcount but the portion of audience would be very less but player’s payment is tagged with main headcount. It is due to the nature of the gathering where players enjoy and train own Jazz music. (It may change time by time)

3. Recording

We may record the play for the reviewing purpose (its kinda PDCA…) and put on meetup or Youtube within membership use. Please let me know in the studio if you have any reason that you may not want to have the recording shared.

4. Others

Please understand that we expect various level of jazz musicians from different nationalities. Let’s enjoy cultural exchange and take this opportunity to learn something mutually. Non-Jazz players are also welcome to join as long as you want to try Jazz out with your music script.

Please check past jam session with photos posted. Waiting for your participation and enjoy jazz!

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